VPSSIM’s Functions and Utilities

VPSSIM 3.3.0 Menu

 Setup latest Nginx version: Setup lastest Nginx version compile with Openssl 1.0.2h.  Supprort HTTP/2 to increase website speed. VPSSIM automatically notified on VPSSIM menu when nginx has updated.

 VPSSIM has update functions: System, Change Nginx Version, Change phpMyAdmin Version, Change PHP Version, MariaDB and support 2 language English – Vietnamese.

               + Update VPSSIM function:  VPSSIM automatically notified  on VPSSIM menu when it has updated.

                + And easy update VPSSIM to latest version. View update log on:  VPSSIM Update Log

                +  Change or Update to Latest Nginx Version very easy:

               + Change phpMyAdmin Version:

              +  Change VPSSIM language

               +  VPSSIM support change PHP version: 7.0, 5.6, 5.5 & 5.4

  Support Add website to Server, auto create Vhost for it.

               +  VPSSIM support pre-install or pre-download wordpress code with config for Redis Cache, WP Super Cache & W3 Total Cache

               +  VPSSIM support Add Website + Auto Install OpenCart, Free forum code (PhpBB, MyBB, SMF), Add website + Auto Download Code Only (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal)

               +  View list website running in server with detail infomation:

  VPSSIM has remove website function:  If the website want to remove using Wordpress, PhpBB, Joomla, MyBB, Opencart.  There is a option delete the database too

 VPSSIM has “WordPress Blog Tools” function.  Many utilities to manage wordpress website such as:  Update wordpress safely (update 1 website or all wordpress website one time, before update wordpress code, VPSSIM backup the database), ON/OFF Protect wp-login for WordPress Website, Fix permission error, Enable/Disable auto upgrade,  Enable / Disable  Redis Cache, Setup wordpress multisite, Create Vhost for wordpress multisite….

Update WordPress Safely

+ Enable Redis Cache for wordpress website:

+ Setup WordPress Multisite

+ Create Vhost for Wordpress Multisite

Config Vhost Using Cache Plugin

Optimize – Repair Database for WordPress Website

+ Protect wp-login.php for wordpress website

  VPSSIM support Database Manage:  Auto re-Start MySQL Server, Create, Delete, Backup,Auto Backup, Restore database. View and change password for user Root of MySQL.

               +  Create New Database:

             + Auto re-Start MySQL Server:  If your server has less RAM, sometime MySQL service can be stop. If you enable this function, VPSSIM will check MySQL service every 5 minutes, if MySQL service stopped, VPSSIM will re-Start it within 5 minutes.

                +  Backup Database :  you can choose backup 1 database or all database. If choosing backup all database, VPSSIM will check all   database in server and backup them all one by one. After backup finished, VPSSIM show all download backup link.

                +  Auto backup database:  You can setting VPSSIM auto backup your database for once a week, once a day or once an hour

                +  Restore Database: VPSSIM support auto restore database from the backup you create before or from the other backup you upload to Server. VPSSIM support backup file format: SQL, SQL.GZ, TAR.GZ and ZIP.

                + View list database with detail infomation:

                +  Change Password for user Root of MySQL:

  VPSSIM Support Backup & Restore Code: Support Backup and restore code for website, auto backup code

                + Backup 1 Wesbsite:

+ Backup code all websites running in server:  When you use this function, VPSSIM will backup one by one all websites.

+ VPSSIM support Auto backup Code Website: You can choose auto backup code once a week or once a day

+ And Disable Auto backup Code

View List Website Enabled Auto Backup Code

  VPSSIM has FTP Server manage function: Support install Ftp Server over TLS, create FTP account for website, Change FTP password…

  VPSSIM Support Setup File Manager: You can setup, remove, enable/disable, change doman file manager any time.

  VPSSIM support Zend Opcache Manage:  Enable/Disable Zend Opcache, Config Zend Opcache, Add website to blacklist, remove website in Zend Opcache blacklist….

 VPSSIM support Memcache Manage: Enable/Disable, Restart, Clear and Config RAM usage for Memcached.

 VPSSIM support Redis Manage:  Clear, check Redis status and Config RAM usage for Redis Cache. If you want to enable Redis Cache for wordpress website, using “WordPress Blog Tools “  function.

 VPSSIM support create and change swap size:

 VPSSIM support Log File Manage: View log file status, Download and Clear log files. If log file size is less than 1 MB, VPSSIM will convert it to text file, so that you can view in in browser

 VPSSIM support Cronjob Manage: Create, Delete and View crontab list.

 VPSSIM supprt CSF Firewall Manage : Install CSF and auto config, Auto add your IP to CSF Whitelist, block IP ….

 VPSSIM support IPtables Firewall: Open, close port….

 VPSSIM support Scan Malware in server by LMD (Linux Malware Detect)

 VPSSIM support Setup and Manage Bittorent Sync: Setup/Remove Btsync, enable/disable btsync, Change Manage info, change Btsync port and change bitorent version.

 VPSSIM support Setup SSL (Https)

 And many others Tools & Addons: Change SSHD port, Find top Largest files and folder, Setting Server timezone, Install / remove Imagick, Install / Remove Ioncube…..

Setting Server Timezone:

+ Install Ioncube Loader:

+ Install Imagick:

+ Change SSH Port Number

 Enable config to Block Exploits, SQL Injections for website

Deny Run Script In Upload Folder for website

Protect Directory By Password

 VPSSIM has view server status function: View server status

Command to setup VPSSIM

Read How To Setup VPSSIM (LEMP Stack) On Your VPS / Server Here