VPSSIM VersionPersonal (Free)Business (Non-Free)
Amount of WebsitesMaximum 25Unlimited
Amount of DatabasesMaximum 25Unlimited
Update to lastest VersionUnlimitedUnlimited
Using full functionsNo (Limited)Yes (Unlimited)

The free version with 20% functionality (power) useable will make you feel confident when administering VPS. The paid version uses 100% of the functions that will make you really happy and feel the simple of using VPS.

How To Buy The Upgrade Code

Using one of these link below to buy the upgrade code. The gateway support Paypal only. After you paid money, the code will be auto send to your paypal email.

B1 Code  – 6 USD (1 code register for 1 VPS – using 1 time code) : http://go.vpssim.vn/b1

B3 Code – 13 USD (1 code register for 3 VPS  – using 3 times code): http://go.vpssim.vn/b3

B5 Code  – 19 USD (1 code register for 5 VPS – using 5 times code): http://go.vpssim.vn/b5

B15 Code  – 50 USD (1 code register for 15 VPS – using 15 times code): http://go.vpssim.vn/b15

If you want to buy VPSSIM using bank account in Viet Nam, please use this link:  http://go.vpssim.vn/6789

Terms and Conditions of Using Business Code

+ I do not store your information + upgrade code you have purchased. So if you have lost or forgotten your code, i will not reissue it. Whether your code still available or BMAX code, please buy new code if you want to continue to upgrade business VPSSIM.

+ With unlimited code (BMAX – Do not sell from 20/3/2019), you can use unlimited number of times but please do not share it to other persons. Each code is unique, only used for your account so if you share, i would revoke it and you will not be able to continue using it. All VPS upgraded business using this code will back to free version.

+ In case the BMAX code is wrongly revoked, please contact me by email im@oanh.win to explain. I will recover the code for you if i am wrong. Customer benefits will be on the top so you will not worry about losing your code if you are right.

How To Upgrade VPSSIM

VPSSIM main menu ==> Register Business Version ==> Copy & paste your code ==> Enter