VPSSIM is free and it is always free if you have less than 3 websites. If you have more than 3 websites in your server, please upgrade VPSSIM to business version to use the full functions of VPSSIM.

VPSSIM VersionPersonal (Free)Business (Non-Free)
Amount of WebsitesMaximum 3Unlimited
Amount of DatabasesMaximum 3Unlimited
How To Buy The Upgrade Code

From 7/5 – 7/31/2018 the upgrade code (Unlimited using VPSSIM) sale from 100 USD to 24.99 USD.

Using one of these link below to buy the upgrade code. The gateway support Paypal only. After you paid money, the code will be auto send to your paypal email.

Buy 1 code for 1 VPS (5 USD) : http://go.hostingaz.vn/1code

Buy 3 codes for 3 VPS (10 USD): http://go.hostingaz.vn/3codes

Buy code unlimited VPS ( 100 USD 24 USD): http://go.hostingaz.vn/max