We are happy to announce that Upcloud has partnered with VPSSIM to give $50 USD for VPSSIM users to use all service here, as well as create VPS to install and use VPSSIM.

With this $50 USD, you can use fully functional for 7 days. Within the 7 days, simply deposit $10 and you get $60 USD for life.

After deposit $10 USD, if you create an instance as the cheapest package of $5/month (1 CPU & 1 GB RAM), you can use it for 12 months.

Please read through this post to learn more about how you can deploy VPSSIM on UpCloud.

Who is UpCloud

UpCloud is a cloud hosting company offering an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service. Currently, the company provides services from data centers based in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Finland.

UpCloud’s offering was introduced to the Finnish market in May 2012 then opened international operations in early 2013 and has been focusing on growing internationally ever since.

UpCloud is passionate about offering the most high performance servers with extremely redundant infrastructure to the most demanding customers.

We are proud to bring the best of Cloud Infrastructure to you.

Why UpCloud

Our founding principle has been developer driven cloud computing and revolving all our product innovation and experience for the last 7 years on this vision.

Together with our in-house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, you will get industry-leading performance at all times.

Upcloud Price is Good ?

Yes! They have the good p/p.


How to Deploy VPSSIM on UpCloud ?

Current upcloud has free 25 USD for new signup user program but user only created in normal trial mode if they not add 10 USD in 3 days. In this normal trial mode, user can use limited function such as: user can create only 1 VPS with default open port are: 80, 43, 53 and 22.

Using this special link, new user will be created in special trial mode after signup. With this mode, user has $50 credit in account to use fully functions in 7 Days. There’s no limited in create new VPS,  the default open port are: 80, 43, 53, 22 and 2313. This 2313 port can be used for PhpMyAdmin Port when setup VPSSIM (and you can change this port to other port after add 10 USD to account)

Read this guide to deploy an instance (first get your free credits), and this post to setup VPSSIM (using 2313 for PHPMyAdmin port)

If you had any problem when signup, please contact upcloud support with your detail info (username and email), they will check and acctive account for you.