VPSSIM Update Change Log: 

(If you want to read Update Log in VietNamese, Please read it on HostingAZ.VN )

12/12/2017 – Version

  • Update WordPress Blog Tools  function: Add function Backup & Restore Full Website, more easier to backup and restore wordpress website.  This include: Backup Full Website + database and Restore Full Website + database. All you need to do is type in website, VPSSIM auto backup website code and database or restore website code,  create new database,  config website using this new database and restore it on  Restore Full Website + database function.
  • Fix bugs.

12/8/2017 –  Verson –

  • Fix bugs on  Backup Data to VPS Backup function.
  • Update Config Vhost Use Cache Plugin in WordPress Blog Tools: Support  WP-Rocket plugin.

12/7/2017 –  Verson

  • Update Change PHP Version function: Support PHP 7.2

12/5/2017 –  Verson

  • Fix bug can not create database name with 16 characters.

12/1/2017 –  Verson

  • Renamed VPS Backup Manage  to Backup Data to VPS Backup
  • Update Backup Data to VPS Backup function.

11/30/2017 –  Verson

  • Fix error CSF Firewall block Resilio Sync.

11/29/2017 –  Verson

  • Update Change Language
  • Update Add Website + Code: add more function Add Website + YourLS (URL Shortener):  make Shortener URL website . Auto config and setup.
  • Update  Remove Website function.
  • Update VPSSIM menu. If VPS HDD free less then 20 MB, VPSSIM will not run.
  • Fix bugs.

11/26/2017: Update Verson

  • Change name “FTP Server Manage ” ==> “FTP Account Manage “
  • Fix bugs.

11/25/2017: Update Version

  • Update Manage FTP Server: add function Setting Quota HDD & Max Files. Using this function, you can setup quota disc and max files upload for all FTP accounts (like share hosting.)

11/24/2017: Update Verson

  • Fix bug on Setup SSL Let’s Encrypt.

11/22/2017: Update Version

  • Fix error Redis Cache Manage on Centos 6.
  • Update Setup Net2FTP Function : New version of Net2FTP support php 7.0. If you did the setup Net2FTP domain, please remove it and resetup.
  • Fix error command host not found when setup SSL.
  • Add Setup MonstaFTP .  Add more choice for upload FTP softwears on server.

11/22/2017: Update Version

  • Update Add Website + Code function:  Support Add website + Sypex Dumper – a powerful tool to backup Database on server, move  Fix  Error Chmod, Chown function from Tools & Addons to Add Website + Code.

11/20/2017: Update Version

  • Fix error on Setup Free SSL Let’s Encrypt function can not finished if the domain you want to setup SSL do not point to server’s IP.
  • Update Redis Cache Manage: Add Enable and Disable Redis Cache. If you do not use Redis Cache, you should to disable it to save CPU and RAM.
  • Fix bugs.

11/18/2017: Update Version

  • Update Setup SSL Let’s Encrypt support server using addon IP (having more than 1 IP).

11/17/2017: Update Version

  • Fix bugs

11/16/2017: Update Version

  • Fix bugs.

11/15/2017: Update Version 3.9.2 &

  • Update Add Website & Code function: Support both WWW and Non_WWW domain.
  • Update Log File Manage
  • Update Setup SSL (Let’s Enctypt) Setup SSL (PaidSSL)
  • Remove Bittorent Sync Manage and change it to Resilio Sync Manage
  • Many small updates and bugs fixed.

( You must remove Bittorent Sync before update VPSSIM)

11/10/2017: Update Version

  • Fix bugs.

11/7/2017: Update Version

  • Fix bugs

11/6/2017: Update Version 3.9.1

  • Support upgrade Maridb to MariaDB 10.2 & 10.1
  • Removed [ Cronjob Manage ] function
  • Update [ Add Website & Code ] function.
  • Fix small bugs.

11/3/2017: Update Version —

  • Fix Setup Let’s Encrypt errors for some sub domains.

10/27/2017: Update Version 3.9.0

  • Add Setup SSL (PaidSSL) function to VPSSIM: From now, VPSSIM support setup paid SSL for your website like: comodo, RapidSSL, Geotrust …
  • Fix small bugs.

10/25/2017: Update Version 3.8.9 (Must update)

  • Bugs fix.

10/23/2017: Update Version 3.8.8

  • Show Nginx status when VPSSIM can not help you to start nginx . Using this, you can reconfig VPS.
  • Update Netdata to 1.8
  • Update Update VPSSIM function: Add Auto send notification email when VPSSIM has update.  Please update VPSSIM to latest version and go to Update VPSSIM once again, then type in your email to get email notification when VPSSIM has update.
  • Fix bugs.

10/21/2017: Update Version 3.8.7

  • Support PHP 7.1 in Change PHP Version function.
  • Update Backup & Restore Code function
  • Update Database Manage function.
  • Change “0” number to default exit number for all functions.  From now, if you want to exit the function you are running, simple by pressing “0” number .
  • Fix bugs.

10/19/2017: Update Version 3.8.6

  • Update Auto Renew SSL function.

10/19/2017: Update Version 3.8.5

  • Fix bugs on Change PHP Version function. If you have errors on PHP 7.0, please change PHP version back to 5.6 then re-change it to 7.0, VPSSIM will fix these errors.
  • Update Install/Remove Iconcube function. From now, you can install ioncube on PHP 7.0

10/16/2017: Update Version 3.8.4

  • Fix error on Setup SSL (Let’s Enctypt) function

10/5/2017: Update Version 3.8.3

  • Fix small bugs.

10/5/2017: Update Version 3.8.2

  • Update Setup SSL (Let’s Encrypt) function: Setup both www and non_www  and  redirect www to non_www when you setup SSL Let’s Encrypt for your website
  • Change eXtplorer for File manage to 2.1.10 version
  • Fix error on update Nginx to latest version. Please update VPSSIM before you change your Nginx version.

9/27/2016: Update Version 3.8.1

  • Update Setup SSL (Let’s Encrypt) function.

9/24/2016: Update Version 3.8.0

  • VPSSIM support auto setup SSL Let’s Encrypt.

9/16/2016: Update Version 3.7.8

  • Fix small bugs.

9/13/2016: Update Version 3.7.7

  • Move Change Default Login Info function from Tools & Addons to Main Menu.
  • Fix some small bugs.

9/9/2016: Update Version 3.7.6

  • Update Setup File Manager, Setup NetData and Setup Net2FTP functions.
  • Update view server status function.

9/4/2016: Update Version 3.7.5

  • Add more value of php VPSSIM can config in Change PHP Settings
  • Auto setup Yahei-php . View server status realtime by the link: http://IP_VPS/status.php . VPSSIM auto set username and password to protect this file and you can change this username and password any time in VPSSIM.

9/1/2016: Update Version 3.7.4

  • Update WordPress Blog Tools: Add 2 functions – Enable/Disable Wp-Cron.php & Fix Missed Schedule Error
  • Update Setup NetData: Add Update NetData function, support update NetData to newest version 1.3
  • Increase VPSSIM menu speed.

8/26/2016: Update Version 3.7.3

  • Add Setup NetData function :  Setup netdata, change netdata domain, protection Netdata domain with password, enable/disable netdata. Default, you can only view netdata via netdata domain, you can not view netdata via port 19999.
  • Remove unnecessary functions in phpMyadmin manage , Zend Opcache manage, memcache manage => easier to use and more friendly.
  • Update Server Status function
  • Fix some small bugs.

8/19/2016: Update Version 3.7.2 & &

  • Add Change PHP Settings function: You can config : Max Execution Time, Max Input Time, On/Off Display Errors, Memory Limit, Upload Max Filesize, Max Input Vars and Enable/Disable PHP Function.
  • Add Block Countries By CSF and Unblock All Countries  to CSF Firewall Manage 
  • Add Config SSH Timeout  to Tools – Addons
  • Fix small bugs in VPS Backup Manage.
  • Add auto check and update WP-Cli to lastest version when using Add website + WordPress (auto setup) function.

Update :  Fix bug on CSF Firewall Manage – ( Must update )

8/15/2016: Update Version 3.7.1

  • Fix CSF Firewall download link.

8/9/2016: Update Version 3.7.0

  • Add Re-config MySQL function in Database Manage
  • Add Low Disk Space Warning function in Tools – Addons

8/8/2016: Update Version 3.6.0

  • Add Setup Net2FTP function: Setup Net2FTP, ON/OFF Net2FTP, Change Domain Net2FTP, Config Upload Max Filesize and  Remove Domain Net2FTP
  • Add File Size Converter function in Tools & Addons: Convert B => KB => MB => GB => TB …
  • Add ON/OFF Auto Run VPSSIM: On/OFF auto run VPSSIM after login SSH to server.
  • Update Install Htop function: Change htop to version 2.0, compile from source.
  • Update Change PHP Version: Imagik auto install and ioncube will be auto install if ioncube current exit before you change php version.
  • Update Server status function:  very detail about server status.
  • Change default format for backup database from TAR.GZ to SQL.GZ
  • Update  Upgrade MariaDB to 10.0 Version : Update config to have better performance.

 7/25/2016: Update Version 3.5.2

  • Update Remove VPSSIM function on Tools – Addons
  • Update Restart Service in Tools – Addons .

7/24/2016: Update Version 3.5.1

  • Fix small bug in update MariaDB function.

7/23/2016: Update Version 3.5.0

  • Fix bugs on Database Manage on Centos 7
  • Add On/Off Login Notification eMail :  Config VPSSIM auto send email to you whenever has a ssh login to server.
  • Update MySQL config to have a better performance.

7/16/2016: Update Version 3.4.1

  • Fix some small bugs.

7/15/2016: Update Version 3.4.0

  • Add option to choose MariaDB 10.0 when setup VPSSIM
  • Fix Update MariaDB To 10.0 Version function on Update System
  • Fix all errors with  MariaDB 10.0 on centos 7.
  • Add Clear All Caches function to VPSSIM menu.
  • Many others small update.

7/5/2016: Update Version 3.3.1

  • Fix bug on Change Nginx Version.

7/3/2016: Update Version 3.3.0

  • Complete remove nginx pagespeed
  • Update Tools – Addons :  Add Protect Directory by Password  function
  • Update WordPress Blog Tools: Add Protect Wp-login.php for WP website function
  • Update phpMyAdmin Manage : Add ON/OFF Protect phpMyadmin  . Protect phpmyadmin, backup files, ocp.php … by password.
  • Update Bittorent Sync Manage : Support both Bitorrent Sync 1.4 and 2.0
  • Update VPS Backup manage: Change config
  • Update update Nginx function, changed it to Change Nginx Version : you can setup any nginx version you want to use.
  • Update Update phpmyadmin function,  changed it to  Change phpMyadmin Version: you can setup any phpmyamin version you want to use.

6/18/2016: Update Version 3.2.1

  • Fix bug in Install/Remove Incube function

6/17/2016: Update Version 3.2.0

  • Add VPS Backup Manage function. Using this function to backup current VPS to VPS backup very simple. All tools:  Connect To VPS Backup, Setting Time Sync,  Sync To VPS Backup Now, Setup CSF Firewall For VPS Backup, Change Password Root For VPS Backup, Disable Sync To VPS Backup.
  • Fix others small bugs.

6/12/2016: Update Version 3.1.0

  • Update View List Website Running on VPS: View more details about website, support view website’s size
  • Update Auto Backup Code & Database function: Save backup files at maximum 42 days in VPS.
  • Update Get Link Backup Files (Code & Database)  function: Show all backup files not only most recent backup file of website or database.
  • Update View List Database function:View more details about website, support view database’s size
  • Update Backup Code & restore Code menu: Show Total backup files size in status bar
  • Update Database Manage menu: Show Total backup files size and Total Database size in status bar
  • Many other small updates and fix some small bugs.

Note: In update process, VPSSIM will disable all auto backup website & database config. You need re-enable them.

6/4/2016: Update Version 3.0.2

  • Fix error on Install CSF Firewall function on VPSSIM English Version
  • Update Server status function

6/2/2016: Update Version 3.0.1

  • Fix small bug for Wordpress Blog Tools  on centos 7.

5/31/2016: Update Version 3.0.0

  • Update VPSSIM menu  and many others function more friendly, more easy to use.
  • Support Opencart, Joomla, Drupla in Add Website + Code function
  • Add Remove VPSSIM function in Tools & Addons
  • Add Auto Backup Website Code in Backup & Restore Code
  • Add View list Database enabled auto backup
  • and many others update.

5/23/2016: Update Version 2.5.2

  • Support add website + Auto setup forum code: PhpBB, MyBB, SMF
  • Update delete website function: Add option delete database when you want to remove website using : wordpress, phpbb, mybb and SMF.
  • Update View List Website On Server function.
  • Update View List database On Server function.
  • Fix bug on VPSSIM menu when run VPSSIM on Dedicate server

5/19/2016: Update Version 2.5.1

  • Add  ON/OFF Block Exploits, SQL injections function : This function is located in the Tools & Addons.
  • Add DENY/ALLOW run scripts inside  writeable folder function
  • Update View list of sites on the server function l
  • Update View List database function
  • Update Backup all databases  function
  • Update Backup All Website function
  • Update Nginx Pagespeed Manage: Add View List Website Enable Nginx Pagespeed function.
  • ….. And many other small updates.

5/14/2016: Update Version 2.5.0

  • Update Delete All Backup Files funtions in Backup & Restore Code: Delete only all backup of websites
  • Add Delete  All Backup Files funtions to Database manage: Using this function to delete all backup of database
  • Update Log file Manage: Add Exim log to download & clear log function.

5/13/2016: Update Version

  • Fix bug on Log File Manage

5/12/2016: Update Version 2.4.9

  • Update Restore database function: VPSSIM support recovery from the backup file database formats: sql, zip, tar.gz and sql.gz
  • Update function: Auto re-start the MySQL server
  • Suport backup: all database , website, get link all backup files …
  • Update backup database function
  • Update Auto backup database function: Support auto backup : once a week, once a day and every hour.
  • Update “Log File Manage” function
  • Update Add your IP to the CSF IP Whitelist function
  • …..

5/8/2016: Update Version 2.4.8

  • Adding function Off/ On Auto Upgrade WordPress code in WordPress Blog Tools: Normally, the auto-upgrade feature of WordPress blog is always enabled. If you do not want wordpress automatic upgrade, you can use this new function to disable the auto-upgrade feature of WordPress.

5/7/2016: Update Version 2.4.7

  • Update Log File Manage with functions: View Log File size, Download log file, Clear log file and delete link download log files.

5/5/2016: Update Version 2.4.6 &

  • Auto Add your IP address to CSF Firewall’s whitelist when you run VPSSIM. After add your IP to csf.allow, CSF will not block your IP in the future.
  • Fix small bugs.

5/4/2016: Update Version 2.4.5

  • Fix error on Setup File Manager function do not run on PHP 7.0

5/3/2016: Update Version 2.4.4

  • From this version, when add new sites to server, you can change the error page (403, 404, 500, 502 …) in /home/Domain.com/errorpage_html. With the different sites, the pages of this error message may vary depending on your custom.

5/2/2016: Update Version 2.4.3

  • Update Restore Database function in Backup & Restore 1 Database
  • Update Backup & Restore database in WordPress Blog Tools: Change backup file from .SQL to TAR.GZ
  • Update “Update WordPress Safely” function: Change backup file from .SQL to TAR.GZ
  • Other small updates…

4/29/2016: Update Version 2.4.2

  • Update Install Imagick function

4/26/2016: Update Version 2.4.1

  • Fix small bugs.

4/26/2016: Update Version 2.4.0

  • Support change language: English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English
  • Update Nginx pagespeed to newest version
  • Update change php function: support php 7.0
  • Update WordPress Blog Tools : Support update all wordpress code , themes and plugins for all wordpress website in one time.
  • Update Swap manage function
  • Update view website on vps function
  • Update view database on vps function
  • Update view largest file and folder on vps function
  • Delete some small unusefull function
  • Fix small bugs.

4/21/2016: Update Version

  • Fix small bugs

4/20/2016: Update Version 2.3.0

  1. Add  warning “Not Setup CSF Firewall Yet” to VPSSIM menu. To disable this warning, you must setup CSF firewall or using [ OFF/ON Warning On Menu ] on CSF Firewall Manage
  2. Update [ Add website & Code ] function.
  3. Add [ WordPress Blog Tools ] to VPSSIM with many tools for wordpress website:
  • Update WordPress Safely :  Update WordPress website to lastest version in SSH.  Before update wordpress process, VPSSIM will backup database.
  • Backup database (.SQL): Backup wordpress website database in .SQL format.
  • Restore Database (.SQL): Restore database for wordpress website very simple.
  • Setup WordPress Multisite : Setup wordpress multisite for wordpress website. You can choose Sub-domain or Sub-folder when setup and have a choice to backup database before setup process. VPSSIM auto config wordpress and vhost.
  • Create Vhost for WP multisite: If you choose sub-folder when setup wordpress multisite, no need to create vhost. But Sud-Domain wordpress multisite need vhost to run on VPS.
  • View List Themes & Plugins: View list plugins & themes on wordpress website
  • Update Themes & Plugins: Update Plugins & themes in SSH
  • View database info
  • View comment status

4/15/2016: Update Version 2.2.9

  • Update “FTP Server Manage” Function: Stronger & Easier to use. VPSSIM not save FTP Account in  In /home/FTP-Account-info.txt any more.  In update process, if your server is using FTP server, VPSSIM will remove it.  You must re-setup FTP server after update finished. VPSSIM will setup FTP Server With FTPS Over TLS. Sorry for this inconvenience.
  • Update “Remove Website” function: If you remove a website which have a FTP account , in remove process, VPSSIM will remove FTP account too.
  • Fix other small bugs.

4/13/2016: Update Version 2.2.8

  • Create shortcut for Vhost and backup folder in /home: /home/0-VPSSIM-SHORTCUT
  • Update Redis Cache Manage :  Add Disable Redis Cache for wordpress blog function.
  • Update Zend Opcache Manage function – enable or disable Zend Opcache for 1 website.

4/11/2016: Update Version 2.2.7

  • Update Remove website function: Add option for you to choose delete database when remove wordpress website from VPS.

4/7/2016: Update Version 2.2.6

  • Update Add Website & Code function, support auto setup wordpress code. Add choosing vhost config support wp super cache, redis cache and w3 total cache  for new wordpress website .
  • Update Redis Cace Manage function
  • Fix small bugs.

4/4/2016: Update Version 2.2.5

  • Support Redis with “Redis cache Manage” with functions: Clear, Config Redis, Check redis status and Enable Redis For WordPress Blog. If you want use Redis for WordPress blog, simple choose Enable Redis For WordPress Blog function and type in the domain. VPSSIM will auto config for it using Redis.
  • Edit some language files.

4/2/2016: Update Version 2.2.4 &

  • Fix error on “view list FTP user” on FTP Server Manage function. (
  • Add config “passive mode” for FTP server and CSF Firewall.  If you’re using FTP Server, please Remove FTP server and CSF Firewall and re-setup them using VPSSIM. (2.2.4)

3/31/2016: Update Version 2.2.3

  • Add  “BitTorrent Sync Manage ” with functions: Setup/Remove btsync, Enable/Disable btsync, Change port, change login infomation.
  • Downgrade Phpmyadmin to 4.5.5 version because 4.6.0 has bug when after upgrade
  • Fix some small bugs.

3/28/2016: Update Version 2.2.2

  • Update nginx to 1.9.9 version, support HTTP/2 to inrease website speed ( Using Update System function to update Nginx)
  • Update Nginx Pagespeed to version
  • Update phpmyadmin to 4.6.0 – Newest version
  • Update Server status function
  • Update Setup SSL function

3/20/2016: Update Version 2.2.1

  • Update Find largest files and folder function

3/18/2016: Update Version 2.2.0

  • Update FTP Server Manage function. From now, you can create FTP user for website in VPS.

1/4/2016: Update version

  • Fix error on showing IP blocked by CSF firewall on CSF firewall manage

8/22/2015: Update version

  • Fix error on Exim service for some VPS can not send email out.

8/8/2015: Update version 2.1.9

  • Update change PHP version function.

8/4/2015: Update version 2.1.8

  • Add Setup File Manager function to VPSSIM

8/1/2015: Update version 2.1.7

  • Update Config Zend Opcache in Zend Opache manage function.
  • Update Change PHP version function.

7/31/2015: Update version 2.1.6

  • Add Change Port SSH function ( in Tools & Addons)
  • Remove email notification on CSF Firewall config.

7/28/2015: Update version 2.1.5

  • Add notification when have update for VPSSIM in VPSSIM menu.
  • Add functional view of MySQL root password for database management
  • Added get phpmyadmin link function  on phpmyadmin manage.
  • Add download vhost sample function in Setup SSL
  • Edit many files, VPSSIM will run efficiently and more accurately.

7/15/2015: Update version 2.1.4

  • Add Restore website from backup file function.
  • Update other functions : Backup website, Google pagespeed, Server status, Tool – addons, update system, install ioncube…

7/5/2015: Update version 2.1.3

  • Add Linux Malware Detect function.

6/24/2015: Update version 2.1.2

  • Update phpmyadmin manage function, tools – addons, IPtables firewall manage
  • Add time create backup to database restore function
  • VPSSIM auto create Layer 2 security codes for backup files…
  • Fix small bugs…

6/19/2015: Update version 2.1.1

  • Fix bug on CSF Firewall setup funtion. After update VPSSIM, please remove CSF Firewall and reinstall it.
  • Reconfig FTP server. Change time out and default folder to /home after login to VPS by FTP softwear.

6/18/2015: Update version 2.1.0

  • Update Nginx to 1.8.0 version. You can update nginx to 1.8.0 version in Tool – Addons
  • Fixed Zend Opcache’s error when change php version or update php
  • Add VPS’s IP and free Disc to Server status
  • Reconfig CSF Firewall, CSF firewall will never block: Googlebot, yahoobot and msnbot.
  • Change Backup and Restore Database function support file: from .TAR.GZ to .GZ

5/30/2015: Update version

  • Small bug fix in backup database function.

5/29/2015: Update version 2.0.9

  • Show  VPSSIM version in the menu.
  • VPSSIM from this version only support auto download wordpress code to VPS. Default vhost config support plugin WP super cache and W3 Total Cache. You can uncoment the config line in the domain’s vhost use.
  • Add option for you to chose create or do not create new database when adding new domain to VPS
  • Update restore database function. VPSSIM can find the backup file you upload to the VPS or the exiting backup file on VPS to restore.
  • Some other small bugs fix.

4/9/2015: Update version 2.0.8

  • Add Backup and restore All Database function. You can use this function in Database Manage.

4/3/2015: Update version 2.0.7

  • Add Change phpmyadmin port function. Using this function in IPtables Firewall manage.
  • Fix bug on update system function.

3/30/2015: Update version 2.0.6

  • Fix the bug on Database function for centos 7.
  • Update CSF Firewall and Server status function.


3/24/2015: Update version

  • Fix small bugs.

3/24/2015: Update version

  • Fix error with chmod for new function (Update / Upgrade MariaDB) of VPSSIM.

3/23/2015: Update version 2.0.5

  • Fix bug when new websites have  character -“, the database is created automatically by VPSSIM will fail. Example: dan-tri.com
  • Add  change MySQL user root ‘s password function
  • Add Update / Upgrade MariaDB function. You can upgrade MariaDB from 5.5 to 10.o using MariaDB manage function in Tools- Addons.
  • Fix some other bugs….

03/05/2015: Update version 2.0.3

  •  Add auto backup database feature.
  • Rebuilt install CSF firewall functions. Add features to add email to CSF.conf to receive notification from CSF firewall .
  • Add memcache view status. You can view memcache status at: http://IP_vps:priport/memcache.php

2/9/2015: Update version 2.0.2

  • Update CSF Firewall manage. Fix some small bugs on centos 7
  • Add update function for CSF Firewall.
  • Update Server status function.

2/6/2015: Update version 2.0.1

  • Update and fix error in Setup WordPress Multisite function.
  • Update Setup SSL function.

1/23/2015: Update version 2.0

  • VPSSIM do not send email to your email when you make any change in VPSSIM.  After VPSSIM finished install, all manage info save in /home/VPSSIM-Setup-info.txt.
  • Setup Nginx, Google Pagespeed and Phpmyadmin with newest version: Nginx (1.7.9), Google Pagespeed ( and Phpmyadmin (4.3.7) . With VPS has VPSSIM 1.X installed, please update VPSSIM by using #Option 18. Then Update nginx and Pagespeed by go to Tools – Addons (#Option 16) ==> Update System & Service ==> Update Nginx , Update Phpmyadmin by go to PhpMyadmin Manage ==> Update Phpmyadmin
  • Change Phpmyinfo with Linux Dash for new VPSSIM install. Link view Linux Dash saved in: /home/VPSSIM-Setup-info.txt
  • Update  Add website (add website + code function).
  • Add view list website and list database functions.
  • Update Backup and restore Database function.
  • Increase SSH login speed (with  VPSSIM new install)
  • And many small bug fix.

1/18/2015: Update version 1.0.8

  • VPSSIM now can work with both Centos 32 and 64 bit
  • VPSSIM can install in Centos minimal version without problems.  ( thanks to Joe <kujoez[@]gmail.com>)
  • Fixed  VPSSIM can not show status in CSF manage.

1/11/2015: Update version 1.0.6

  • Update create database function. From this version, when you create new database, database’s info will save to /home/DBinfo.txt.
  • Update Add website function. When add website to VPS, VPSSIM will auto create database for that website.

12/26: Update version 1.0.5

  • Support show link backup website in Backup code & config function.
  • Fix some small bugs.

12/18: Update version

  • Fix some error with Restart server function.

12/18: Update version

  • Create database function now support  “_”  when creat new database.

12/17/2014 : Update version 1.0.4

  • Add install / remove Ioncube Loader function
  • Fix error in Setting VPS Timezone
  • Make Upgrade / Download PHP function and Opcache manage better.
  • Change check IP info to Check VPS info in Tools – Addons with more detail about VPS info.

12/15/2014: Update version 1.0.3

  • Increase limit word for domain name in add website function. Now vpssim can add the long domain name such as: .website


22h PM: Update version 1.0.2

Fix restore database error.

3 PM: Update version 1.0.1

Fix SSL error.

9 AM.  VPSSM 1.0 Opened.

Open VPSSIM.Com and VPSSIM version 1.0