How to Backup and restore database in VPSSIM

This post will show you how to backup and restore  1 database in VPSSIM. You can choose backup and restore 1 or all database in your server.

First, you must go to Database Manage

VPSSIM Database Manage Menu

VPSSIM Database Manage Menu

1. Backup & restore 1 Database

Go to Backup & Restore 1 database function

Backup & Restore 1 Database Menu

Backup & Restore 1 Database Menu

1. Backup Database

Choose Backup Database then type in the name of database you want to backup. In backup process, do not turnoff the screen

how to backup 1 database in vpssim

If there is an older backup of this database in server, vpssim will ask you replace it with new backup or not. If you choose not, the backup process will terminate.

backup 1 database and replace older backup file

and backup finished:

backup database finished


2. Restore Database

You can restore a database by using Restore Database function, then type the name of database you want to restore from a backup file. This function only support the backup file in .GZ format.

restore database in vpssim do not backup file

if you have not upload backup file to server, VPSSIM will show:

restore 1 database do not have backup file on vps

Now you must upload backup  file (.GZ) to the folder name vpssim_test with the path:


replace with your domain name.

Upload finished, you must run this function one again. VPSSIM will auto find the backup file and restore it.

restore 1 database in vpssim

When you want to get the link of the backup file you have created , you can use Get link backup files function

get link backup 1 database

GetLink file Backup finished

get link file backup 1 database finished

2. Backup & restore All Database

From Database Manage menu, Go to Backup & Restore All Database function

backup all databse function

1. Backup All Database

in Backup & Restore All Database menu choose Backup All Database function

backup all database in vpssim

VPSSIM will backup all database in VPS. When it finish

backup all database finish

2. Restore All Database

In Backup & Restore All Database Menu choose Restore Database

restore all database for vpssim

VPSSIM will find  backup file. If you did backup all database before or finished upload the backup file to the path VPSSIM show you, VPSSIM will ask you to restore all database with this backup

ask to restore backup file vpssim


restore all database finshed

You can get link download of the file backup by using Link download Backup File function in Backup & Restore All Database menu

get link backup all database

and the link:

get link backup all database finished

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