How to use “Memcached Manage” function

Using  “Memcached Manage” function you can:

  • Enable /Disable Memcached
  • Restart memcached
  • Config Memcached (Config Memached RAM useage)
  • Clear memcached

Note: Depending on the amount of RAM of VPS which VPSSIM calculate the amount you can configure memcache.

Watch the video below to see how to use “Memcached Manage” function in VPSSIM

1. Enable /Disable Memcached

The path: VPSSIM menu ==> Memcached Manage ==> Disable Memcached

or : VPSSIM menu ==> Memcached Manage ==> Enable Memcached

2.Restart Memcached

Restart memcached

3. Config Memcached

Using this function to config how much RAM memcached can use

Config finished:

4. Clear Memcached

Using this function to clear all memcached in server.

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